Service to the Nth Degree


Customer Values, Outside-In® Values

We provide Service to the Nth Degree

We go above and beyond to exceed expectations and constantly ask ourselves what we can do to provide service with no boundaries.

Some companies call it customer “wow”! This is how we encourage extreme customer service behavior. How far can you push service? My dad used to talk about Nth Degree in a simple way. If answering a phone in three rings is good service than two rings must be better, right? So what is Nth Degree behavior? One ring or no rings? Some of you might think that answering the phone at all these days is Nth degree behavior.

I think it is fair to say that the sky’s the limit on Nth Degree service thinking. The key is to take each part of your business and brainstorm how to be more Nth Degree. This is where our welcome sign that greets visitors came from. Everyone loves his or her name, right? Or answering the phone, “I can help you” came about when our receptionist felt like she should do more for the caller. Why just pass along a caller when you might be able to help?

We have hundreds of “moments of truth” each day with each other and our customers where we have a choice. Are we going to push it the Nth Degree? The power comes from everyone practicing Nth Degree thinking all of the time. With each other. With customers. And of course, at home! Wouldn’t it be great if teenagers understood Nth Degree thinking when they want money or the keys to the car?

How fun can it be if all of us catch this spirit? I see it everyday. Customers expect service. But they remember Nth Degree service experiences.