Our Values

Every culture has an origin story – ours is best communicated through the 20 values that breath life into it. You may ask yourself – why does our culture have the values it has? Why 20? Well, there’s an origin to that too.

The Outside-In® Values were created based on one simple premise: the needs of the customers. In the early days of CBI Group, when Outside-In® was more of an understanding than a prominent culture, our founder, Chris pulled a group of employees together and asked, “What do we want our company to be like? Feel like? What do we want to display?” The team knew that only one source could properly answer that question. They reached out to their customer networks and asked, “What do you want our company to be like? What values are important to you?” At that moment, the customer-centric mentality that had inspired Chris began to grow into something greater – something real, a new energy felt within the company.

The team felt very early on that they were creating a new path in business – a company intentionally defined by its culture. The team sat down and they poured over the list of fifty plus words, working to cut it down to the most necessary needs of their customers. It happened in one hour. 20 values identified, named, and described with a sense of team synergy that has since been described as a feeling like “being struck by lightning”. It was so easy for the team, so matter of fact, that there was no question that these 20 values were the right ones needed to build the customer-centric culture known today as Outside-In®.

Today, these values guide our Outside-In® Companies. Click on each value (on the right) to discover insight onto each one, the experiences and mindset that brought them to life.

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