Placers Presents: Three Strategies For Preparing For a Job Interview

Placers Presents: Three Strategies For Preparing For a Job Interview

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Is there an important job interview coming up? Whether you’re looking at a temporary staffing position or something more permanent, you’ll want to make a good impression. Doing some prep work can dramatically boost your chances during this stage of the job hunt. Here are three strategies:

1: Do Your Homework

You’ve got an opportunity here to get an edge over the competition by doing your homework about the company, the position you’re shooting for, and the interview process itself. Try:

  • Researching the company. This can include who founded it and when what markets it operates in, and what products or services it offers.
  • Learning the ins and outs of the position. However, remember that a job interview is a two-way flow of information. If you aren’t clear about something, don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Planning answers to common interview questions. These could include questions about what challenges you have overcome in similar jobs, why you left your last position or inquiries about gaps in your job history.

Note: Don’t over prepare! This may sound a little contradictory, but over preparing and memorizing speeches or pat answers can hold you back. If your answers sound ‘canned,’ they come across as less sincere even if you’re being 100% honest. Memorizing what to say can also trip you up if they ask a slightly different question than you’d expected. Your prepared answer won’t totally fit anymore. It’s better to stick to core facts and tailor what you say as needed.


2: Do the Legwork

Physically prepare for your interview so the big day goes off smoothly. First, think about having a freshly updated copy of your resume on hand. If you’re taking a car there or carrying a briefcase, pack a change of clothes. After all, coffee always seems to get spilled at the worst possible time. Finally, plan how to get there and how long it should take you. When in doubt, aim to arrive a little early. This way a traffic accident along the route won’t sink your interview.

3: Center Yourself

If you’re really nervous, it will come across during the interview and can lead you to make silly mistakes. Frankly, nerves can undo all of your hard prep work, so it’s important to walk into that interview feeling calm and focused. Some popular strategies include:

  • Getting a good night’s sleep. Exhaustion can really trip you up!
  • Meditating before the interview. Even five minutes of meditation can help settle your mind.
  • Drinking hot beverages. Hot chocolate or green tea can soothe you from the inside out. Just go easy on the caffeine.
  • A morning pep talk. It may sound cheesy, but saying out loud things like ‘You’ve got this’ and ‘Everything’s going to be fine’ helps many people get into a good mindset.

A Staffing Agency On Your Side

Acing your interview is important, but before you can do that you’ll need to land one in the first place. An employment agency like Placers can help you find a great fit in Delaware’s dynamic and competitive job market. Give us a call at 302-709-0973 or visit our website to see which opportunities, from temp jobs to other positions, are available right now.

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