Right Things Right

We aim to do the Right Things Right.

We stop to think about what we are doing and if it is the right thing to do. It’s easy to do the wrong things right in order to feel productive, but we strive to choose the right things that will be most beneficial to everyone’s success.

When I first started working, I noticed that most employees did what they were shown how to do in their job. There was a tendency to learn your job from the employees around you. In the beginning, I would just do as I was directed. But as I got into the actual job (I was manager of a sub shop in college) I started to ask why? Why do we stack the rolls on the floor? Why do we run the schedule a certain way? I always seemed to get the same answer, “I don’t know, this is the way I was shown how to do it…” Which got me thinking. I was going to run a company some day. (Yes, I was that teenager!) I wanted to come to a place where common sense prevailed. A place where I could ask questions without fear of what happened to me. I wanted a company where I could think and where my employees could think about why we do anything.

By the time I got to the Placers 1.0 stage of my life, my dad started to teach every employee to send in a note to his or her leader on what we needed to stop doing to be more productive. This was so empowering and effective. We cut out so many worthless processes and steps in a service offering. We learned to focus on improvements that improved our customer service experience for our customers. That was all that really mattered.

RightThingsRight-01Doing Right Things Right is to stop doing what you’re told. It is about being hired to pick your head up and look around you. This is about your cultural right to think and to play an important role in making the business better one thought and action at a time.

This is how we got into the staffing business the second time around. Somebody challenged the status quo and said, “Hey, customers want this service.” This is why we have scrapped whole ATS systems that did not meet our needs. This is about smart employees who stopped doing a manual task that took 8 hours to produce a report that no one even looks at anymore!

Frankly, this is more about so many individual hours saved when you pick your head up and don’t do as you have always done. Instead, do Right Things Right without fear or concern of punishment. This is about unleashing you. My dad always said, “We hire you for your talents, expertise and unique skills and then we tell you to sit down, keep your mouth shut and just do what you’re told.” Not here. Not ever. Challenge and do what is right, never acquiesce to what we have always done!