Results Driven

We are Results Driven.

We strive to hit our goals – outcomes and achievements that our customers set based on their unique business objectives.

Our customers like us because we get things done. We are able to focus on what is most important without being caught up in the typical constraints (meetings, silos, and office politics) that our clients enjoy everyday…that is our secret!

Results-Driven-01We do this by attracting folks that don’t shy away from hard work. In fact, my mother always said that she must have been a peasant in a former life. I tend to feel the same way, put a rake in my hands, or give me a flowerbed to weed or a hedge to cut and I am a happy person! So we tend to “weed” out the lazy, the slow, or the bored in a real hurry. In our culture this is critically important. All of us are responsible for the maintenance of our culture!

We all like to feel like we have worth, that our contribution and output matters, and that we can see how we connect and fit in with the goals of the team. This is Results Driven that is aligned to the priorities of the business. All of us must think about how we can assist the business to maximize its results. Gazelle companies cannot fund every idea or project. Our toughest tasks are to set limits and focus our resources on the parts of our business that need it the most and by addressing the things that can have the greatest impact on the overall company. Imagine the performer spinning six plates. The plates represent all facets of the company the customers, employees, and stakeholders. They all represent how we make things, sell things, and account for things. That is our whole business. We must focus our energies on the quarterly priorities of the business across these six plates. And specifically how you can help the business get results!