We are Flat.

We are equal. There is no hierarchy and no one person is more important than the other. We are all decision makers. We are all accountable. We create our own career path by taking on new responsibilities and challenges.

We are all equal in this company. We just play different roles. Big business began eliminating layers of middle management several decades ago, with the goals of making their business more flexible and amoebic like. As a small business we chose to start this way out of necessity and by strategy.

Our entire goal is to approach each job with a lot of depth, freedom, and task discretion. All this means is that we know that when you’re on the front lines and on the front lines you get a chance to hear from customers. I believe that given the opportunity, the authority, and the training that each of us can listen for trends, complaints, service needs, new products or frankly just being able to do what you need to do to make your customer very happy in the moment so they keep coming back to us.

Flat-01 style=Why does this matter? Each of us should feel in charge and empowered. In our company, the power needs to be at the bottom using a traditional organization chart as your reference. Our leaders are here to be servant leaders to help you succeed.

The world of business simply moves too fast to think that I can make every decision or talk to every customer about everything. Our goal is to “flatten” out that responsibility and to make this everyone’s charge!

This really does work. Recruiter On-Demand came from customer request and from one of you! All of our managed services offerings came from an employee who listened really well to a customer concern and then fought hard to innovate and found a way to create a service!

The final part of being Flat and encouraging front line thinking and problem solving requires this way of working to be encouraged on a day-to-day basis. So talking to other employees, working with other leaders, or helping out with other business lines or customers is so important. We need to be flexible and nimble, both in mindset and in business structure. So listen to your customers, and be ready to shift gears. That is how we will get the most out of our Outside-In® organization!