Change Makers

We are Change Makers.

We welcome new ideas, critical thinking, & change – it’s not about what is, but rather what could be.

There are a lot of books on change about mice and penguins. Change is often poked fun at as a Dilbert topic. Leaders preach about it, and sometimes employees roll their eyes at it. But the reality of the modern business world is that change is here to stay. My Dad preaches that companies need to have employees who understand change and can make the most of it.

When I talk to business leaders we often discuss the mindset of their workforce and their ability to embrace the changes in the realities of the workplace today. There is a huge organizational advantage to the company that has the workforce that trusts its leader, that can exploit and celebrate how the business must evolve, and change to compete!

So much of our competitive advantage is around our culture, and so much of our culture is rooted in our unique way of thinking about the world of business. Being a change agent is just another advantage really, that every employer will value.

Change-Makers-01I was always taught that change is hard in the beginning. This is why we detest it so. But it gets better in the long term, which is sometimes hard to wait for.

Overall, being Change Makers is about your attitude and how you choose to react to events around you. If you believe that events happen for the best possible reasons, sometimes even when they are hard to see at first, then you have the right idea.

As President and Founder, I want to be able to brag about my company and its mindset. I like to be able to tell the world that we are flexible and able to turn on a dime structurally as well as between our ears! We want to be able to move fast, to do things our customers envy and come to expect. I am convinced our customers count on us to drive real change when their organizations feel stuck, and when their mindsets are not changing as fast as they need to.

We have a choice with change.

We can feel taken advantage of or acted upon.

We can embrace change. We can trust when it happens and get on board.

Or we can exploit it. By exploiting it, we are driving it relentlessly across our entire company. You get to be in the driver’s seat and make it happen!

I for one am striving for a company of Change Makers!